Desarrollo Sustentable

Foundation GMexico

Since GMexico started operations, we have been committed to our people, our communities, and our surroundings, consolidating achievements and identifying opportunities through constant learning.

Today, we combine these efforts with the concept of Sustainable Development to provide a more solid structure.


When talking about sustainability, our priority is the health and safety of our employees. Our efforts are added to the investments made in infrastructure in our neighborhoods, schools, and medical centers.

Nowadays, social development projects, community work, and caring for the environment and natural resources have become a common practice for GMexico.


We have consolidated this effort through our Foundation to extend the scope of and better address the needs of our local communities. We are committed to all those that share their work with us in benefit for the nation.


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    Fast Facts

  • Donations in excess of P$43,528,000 were given during 2008
  • Several community centers have been created