The transportation division of GMexico is comprised of three large railroad companies. Together, they form the largest railroad operator in Mexico, both in terms of coverage and fleet size.


Our principal subsidiaries in the transportation division are Grupo Ferroviario Mexicano-Ferrocarril Mexicano (GFM-Ferromex), Ferrosur, and Intermodal México


Ferromex operates Mexico's largest railroad, with a network of 8,110.5km covering approximately 71% of the geographical area of the country, and almost 80% of the industrial and commercial areas in Mexico.


Ferrosur covers southeast Mexico through its 1,813 km of track. Intermodal is a related business that provides door-to-door transport and logistics services to its customers.

    Fast Facts

  • A combined network of over 9,900 kms.
  • Connection with 5 US border points
  • Operations at 4 ports on the Pacific Ocean and 2 on the Gulf of Mexico