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Ferromex is the largest railroad operator in Mexico, both in terms of kilometer coverage and the number of cars used to provide service.


The company provides general railroad freight and intermodal services, and other auxiliary services that include passenger transport, intra-terminal pulling, and automotive terminal services, among others.


Ferromex has the largest coverage on the Mexican railroad system, with 7,108.6 kms. of main track and 1,001.9 kms. of secondary track, and also operates the largest fleet in the country with 582 locomotives and 12,419 cars of different types, some of which are owned by Ferromex and others are leased from third parties.


For more information, visit Ferromex.

    Fast Facts

  • The largest railroad network in Mexico
  • Connection with 5 US border points
  • Four ports on the Pacific Ocean
  • Two ports on the Gulf of Mexico