Mision, Vision y Valores

Mission, Vision and Values

Nuestros ValoresOur Mission, Vision, and Values place great importance on people and our actions are based on several values such as respect, honesty, responsibility, and professional ethics; we strive to generate the best value for our stockholders, customers, suppliers, personnel, and the communities where we operate, with high safety rates, preserving the ecological balance, and complying with the requirements set by our authorities.


The members of the governing bodies and all company personnel, Management, Officers, and Employees exemplify the following values:


Nuestros Valores
  • Integrity, acting with honesty, responsibility, and professional ethics.
  • Respect for people, our surroundings, and the environment.
  • Serve our customers, internal and external, with our best efforts and commitment.
  • Loyalty, through equality, based on honesty and our other values.
  • Creativity on doing things better, breaking paradigms.
  • Solidarity, working as a team to meet our mission and achieve our vision.
  • Punctuality, in meeting our commitments and obligations.