Gobierno Corporativo

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the set of principles and guidelines that regulate the operation of the company. Good Corporate Governance protects the interests of the company and its stockholders, creates value, and uses the company's resources efficiently.

It is very important for us, as a public company that lists on the Mexican Stock Exchange, to generate value for our stockholders. With our financial reports, conference calls, press releases, and an executive team that is committed to investors, we manage to maintain transparency in our information through the use of high ethical standards.

Our Corporate Governance includes the following principles, among others:


  • Protect stockholders.
  • Promise equal treatment for all stockholders, including minority stockholders and foreigners.
  • Report company current events, including its financial position, performance, stockholdings, administrative team, and news that may influence the behavior of company stock.
  • Maintain a strategic guiding for the company, ensure effective monitoring of the executive team by the Board of Directors and other mayor responsibilities to our stockholders.

    Fast Facts

  • Largest copper reserves in the industry
  • 13 mines in operation
  • 10 exploration projects (Chile, Peru, and Mexico)
  • Ticker symbol: GMEXICOB
  • 8,111 km of track in Mexico, covering 71% of the country
  • 67 years experience in infrastructure projects