Company Bylaws

The company bylaws establish and regulate the purpose, organization, powers, operations, and functioning of GMexico and its Subsidiaries.
They represent the structural base for our existence and operations.


The Bylaws are comprised of the following chapters:


  • Company name, corporate purpose, duration, residence, and nationality
  • Equity and stocks
  • Cancellation of Company stocks with the National Stock Registry
  • Increases and decreases in capital
  • Stockholders' meetings and rights
  • Administration of the Company
  • Fiscal years
  • Profits and losses
  • Dissolution and liquidation
  • Applicable legislation and jurisdiction


    Fast Facts

  • Largest copper reserves in the industry
  • 13 mines in operation
  • 10 exploration projects
    (Chile, Peru, and Mexico)
  • Ticker symbol: GMEXICOB
  • 8,111 km of track in Mexico, covering 71% of the country
  • 67 years experience in infrastructure projects