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About GMexico

GMexico ranks among the most important companies in Mexico, Peru, and the US, and it is one of the major copper producers in the world. It additionally incorporates the largest multimodal rail service in México and a substantial Infrastructure Development Division with attractive growth prospects.

The company is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange since 1978 and is one of the most traded stocks in the exchange.

GMexico is a holding company whose main activities are in the mining-metallurgic industry, the exploration, exploitation, and benefit of metallic and non-metallic ores, multimodal freight railroad service, and infrastructure development.


GMexico's principal subsidiaries are:



Since its creation over 70 years ago, the companies that comprise GMexico have shown a particular interest in preserving the environment and the social and economic development of our neighbor communities.


This is why our companies have remained on the cutting edge of technology, renewing and making ongoing adjustments to make their operations sustainable.




    Fast Facts

  • Largest copper reserves in the industry
  • 13 mines in operation
  • 13 exploration projects
    (Mexico, Peru, United States, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina)
  • Ticker Symbol: GMEXICOB
  • More than 10,000 km of track in Mexico covering 81% of the country
  • 67 years experience in infrastructure projects